Reward Program

Hey! Do you want to get paid to eat our ice cream and drink our coffee? I thought so!  So here is the deal, stop into either of our stores and ask for a rewards card.  Just present your card every time you buy something and we will add .10 for every dollar you spend to your rewards card balance.  You can use this balance anytime for anything (except cash back.) But wait, there is more!!!  Register your card below and reap many more benefits.

Here are the benefits of registration…

  • Ability to check balance on line
  • Be “in the loop” when we release new flavors or have special events.
  • Sometime we will send extra special email coupons to our rewards folks.

Its super easy and super awesome.  We promise that we won’t sell or knowingly share your information with terrorist or anyone for that matter.  So, hurry and stop in to get your card today!

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Introducing the amazing Brain Freeze Flavor Alert System!

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