Hey You: 2nd Annual People's Flavor Awards - Submissions Open!!! What's Your Flavor Idea?

2nd Annual People’s Flavor Awards

Not a day goes by when one of our customers doesn’t say to us, “You guys should make…”  Well, that time is now!  We have created the 1st Annual People’s Flavor Awards!  This is your chance to submit your flavor ideas to us.  We will accept your submissions through midnight March 31st.  After the submission period ends, we will sort the entries into 5 categories and then be voted on by the owners to determine the 4 finalists from each category.  We will then have a big party on May 7th where everyone will get to taste and vote on their favorite flavors!  One winner will be chosen for each category and an overall Winner will be chosen as well

Event Details…

  • Submit flavor ideas through midnight March 31st, 2018
  • Five categories
  • Tickets for tasting event go on-sale April 1st.
  • Tasting event TBD


  • Kids: Flavors created by kids
  • Chocolate: Flavors with a chocolate base
  • Mix-ins: Flavors with chunks or pieces of stuff
  • Specialty: Flavors with a variety of ingredients
  • Fruit: Flavors with a fruit base.

Each finalist will receive 2 tickets to the tasting event, 2 pints of your flavor and a Brain Freeze swag pack.  The winner in each category will receive a $25 gift card and the overall winner will receive a $100 gift card plus a nifty trophy.

We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Fill out the form below to submit your flavor idea. One entry per person. All entries must be received by midnight March 31, 2017. Finalists will be notified around April 14th.
    If you are 13 or younger, your flavor will be in the Kids Flavor category
  • Be Creative! Brain Freeze does not allow brand or trademarked names due to copyright issues
  • This may include specific ingredients and proportions. If it includes unique ingredients, please include the supplier of the ingredient, link to the ingredient or how to make it. We reserve the right to alter the recipe so it works for commercial production. Also, please design your flavor to include everything you want, we can not add topping on top of a scoop.

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