Time to Vote!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuuu gggguuuuuuuuuyyyyysssssss! It's once again time to vote in The Inlander Best of 2018!  I know, I know, 2018 just barely got started, but alas, we've got to make the sacrifice and vote.  It's our civic duty after all.  We would love love love it if  you could take the 5-10 minutes and fill out the super simple online voting form and fill "Brain Freeze" in for "Best Ice Cream." It really lets us know that we are doing a super duper job and are going in the right direction.  Plus, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It also helps new customers find us, and lets face it, without customers, we'd be nothing. Also, as an added bribe, if we win, we will give away free ice cream cones (details to follow if we win) So,... Read more

1st Annual People’s Flavor Awards

  Not a day goes by when one of our customers says, "Hey you guys should make..."  Well the time is now!  Introducing the People's Flavor awards!  To enter, submit your flavor ideas on our contest page.  We will sort the ideas into 5 categories and chose 4 finalists for each category.  We will then have a big tasting party on May 7th where everyone can cast the finalist's flavors and vote for their favorites!

Ice Cream Truck

In case you haven't seen it around town yet, our new ice cream truck is all done and ready to serve you tasty ice cream!  We are parking on the regular at our creamery location (9514 E Montgomery #23) Thursday - Sunday from 4-9pm unless we have an event that we are at.  Please check back to this website for more info on events.  Want to book us for your event?  Take a look at our catering page and shoot us a message.  We can serve up to 8 flavors of ice cream, espresso, floats, ice cream sandwiches (smashes) plus ???  We hope to see you soon!

South Hill Now Open!!!!

After months of construction and delays and so on...  the South Hill store, located at 1230 S Grand Blvd is finally open.  Located in the old Baskin & Robbins location dexter to Ginger Asian Bistro, the space has been completely remodeled and modernized.  Patrons of our Kendall Yards shop will feel right at home.  24 flavors of local, hand made ice cream, excellent espresso drinks made with coffee by Anvil Coffee and our sandwich menu.  Our current hours are Sunday 8am - 10pm, Monday - Thursday 7am - 10pm, Friday 7am - 11pm, Saturday 8am - 11pm.  We will adjust these hours as needed based on business.  Thanks for all your support and we hope to see you soon!  Stay tuned for information on our "Grand" opening.

Introducing “Cupcake”

She may not look like much now, but after a trip to the paint shop next week, this will be our new mobile scoop truck! We will be able to scoop up to 8 flavors of our award winning local ice cream, plus pour espresso from Anvil coffee and make some delicious waffle treats.  Want to be the cool kid on the block?  Book our truck for your next event, our calendar is filling up fast!  Stay tuned for progress on cupcake.

Best Of Voting Now Open

Hey folks The Inlander's Best Of the Northwest Readers Poll is now open for voting!  If you have a few minutes, would you, could you click on the picture and cast a vote for us for "Best Ice Cream?" It sure does mean a lot to us.  While you already know that we rock, winning these awards not only shows us that we are on the right track, but it also helps visitors and new residents to Spokane find the best ice cream in town. While you are at it, maybe cast a vote for some of our favorite vendors as well.  Anvil Espresso for best coffee roaster, Veraci Pizza for best pizza, Wisconsin Burger for best burger and while we would love to be best espresso bar/best barista, how about Atticus for best espresso and Ben Bradley for best... Read more

Halloween Costume Contest Winners!!

The voting was fierce! But we have the winners for our 1st annual Halloween costume contest.  If your picture is listed, expect and email from us in the next day or so!  Thanks to all that entered and congrats to the winners! In the 0-8 age range... 1st place.                                          2nd place                                3rd place                      In the 9-17 age range... 1st place                                          2nd place                            ... Read more

Introducing the amazing Brain Freeze Flavor Alert System!

We've got 100s of flavors, so they come and go quickly. Sign up and you can get a personalized text when YOUR favorite flavor is being served!