The Creamery

This is where all the magic happens!  Just like you would imagine it, a workforce of oompa loompas running around and signing songs about bratty kids. 

Well, not quite. But it is where all the magic happens. 

No scoops for sale here, but we do make gallons upon gallons of hand made ice cream, sorbet and vegan deliciousness all day long. The smell of fresh baked goods that go into our ice cream hangs heavy in the air. Set in a ubiquitous industrial strip mall, the neighborhood is pretty boring, but we have great neighbors that brings us adult treats in can. 

Call or email us for all your wholesale needs. Remember, no retail sales here.

Creamery address

9514 E Montgomery #23
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

We’re always willing to discuss new accounts.

Affiliate Locations

You can find Brain Freeze Creamery ice cream in restaurants and shops around town. Note that availability can depend on the time of year, and if you have any questions about an affiliate location's offerings, you should contact them directly.

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