Ice Cream

Brain Freeze Creamery began in a small room in the most unlikely of places under what we have come to call – a hostile start-up situation. This epic tale, complete with turbulence, drama and intrigue unfolds with us starting a tiny ice cream scoop shop, which by the way is a moderately funny (at best) reference if you are familiar with a few of our other past ventures. Anyway, for our first summer we were perfectly content buying unique, custom gourmet flavors from a wonderful local creamery, until one day life did one of its famous U-turns!  You guessed it…our beloved little creamery had to close its doors! Suddenly, we were left with a decision:

Resort to selling a truly homogenized, generic brand of ubiquitous ice cream – Nope!

Find another local creamery who could match the standards set by our previous supplier – Nope!

Get the recipes and training from our beloved little creamery and venture out on our own…

As you may have guessed, we chose the latter resulting in our previously mentioned hostile start-up situation! You see, we were forced against our better judgment into accepting our own bid to open up a creamery. Face it, we’re just too hard to resist and it was truly the only way to keep us, the stockholders happy!

Sadly, as with all things, our little scoop shop came to an end. We went underground and continued to tweak, embellish, improve and experiment to make the best ice cream in town, except we sold it to other restaurants and scoop shops that wanted to set themselves apart from the rest by selling a premium product.

As time marched on, we continued to fine tune our product, using as much local ingredients as possible to achieve the flavors we desired. We continued to change our recipes to eliminate as much HFCS as possible. We continued to adjust the fat content of our ice cream to make it the best, the most creamy, the most super-duper premium ice cream that you have ever had!!!

Eventually, in 2014 we opened a new and better scoop shop in the up and coming community of Kendall Yards. We are still amazed by its success and support from the community. 2015 saw the opening of our second shop on the South Hill. We stand with our jaws agape at the support from all the neighborhoods, really, it’s pretty awesome!

What will 2016 bring? We have hired the best psychics out there to tell us, but it is still very unclear, but we do know this much, we will continue to keep on keeping on and making the best product that we know how.


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