South Hill Store News

Hey folks!  Just a little update with whats going on with our South Hill store.  As I am sure most of you have figured out, we have closed that location for the season.  Since then, a lot has happened!  Our building that we are in has been sold to Washington Trust Bank to build some sort of bank/strip mall/retail complex.  Well, this didn’t sit too well with us.  The idea of having to move in the middle of summer is just plain crazy.  So, we have leased a new spot located at 1230 S Grand Blvd, next to Ginger Bistro.  Some of you may remember that location as the old Baskin & Robbins.  Yup, Local ice cream takes over a corporate spot!! We are super excited about this location as it will allow us to be who we really are.  We will open earlier (7 am-ish) and serve coffee/espresso and have our usual full menu.  Plus we will have PARKING!!!  Woohoo!  Our current plan is to re-open at this new location first part of March.

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